Kayak Trip July 2015

Friday July 17th, Ryan and I started around 5pm at Elkhorn Crossing. After 3 miles of paddling we decided to pull off into some trees and set up camp. This was the first time using our hammock sleep systems. After batoning some wood and creating a couple feather sticks we had a warm fire. Along with our hammocks we both had new sleeping bags to test out. Midway through the night it started to sprinkle so we had to put up the rain flys.


Saturday July 18th, after spending some time relaxed in the hammocks with our morning coffee, we packed up camp, drug the kayaks back down to the water and set sail once again. 17 1/2 miles later after a couple breaks for snacks and lunch in between we had hit our planned destination for our second night in the hammocks at the confluence of the Elkhorn and Platte Rivers. Supper was a couple MRE meals and bannock for the very first time. We had clear skies and were able to sleep under the stars without the rainflys.


 Sunday July 19th, another morning spent swinging in the hammocks sipping coffee and taking in the views. We eventually loaded up camp and took off in the kayaks. After 14 1/2 miles we ended our trip at Louisville SRA around 3:30pm.

35 River Miles Paddled, 3 days 2 nights



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