Indian Cave August 2015

During our July kayak trip, my brother and I talked about trying out backpack camping. Packing everything we need into a single bag and just hike sounded like fun. After some research on available areas allowing dispersed camping, we decided on Indian Cave State Park. We both only needed new backpacks for this trip, we had everything else needed from the previous kayak trips. Here is a picture of everything I stuffed into my bag for our trip.


And another photo after all packed up.


Friday August 28, we entered into trail head 6 about 6:30pm. It had rained all day and was still sprinkling as we hiked in. The trails were very muddy, and made the hills very difficult to hike. After 1 1/2 miles were we found a campsite for the night, hung our hammocks, and went straight to sleep.

Saturday August 29, Breakfast was oatmeal and bannock with raisins. We then packed up lunch and started the hike again, eventually stopping for a lunch break consisting of PB and Jelly sandwich, peanuts, and some babybel cheese. After 5 miles of hiking we found a nice campsite just 50 yards from the Missouri River. After setting up camp we went out to find some firewood. Ryan had his new Kabar BK2 knife, so I cut the wood while he batoned it down to usable sizes. We had plenty of time to relax, swinging in the hammocks for the rest of the afternoon. Supper was dehydrated meal and bannock.

Sunday August 30, Oatmeal and bannock for breakfast. After packing up camp we hiked another 2 miles and ended back at the parking lot by 10:30am.

8 1/2 miles hiked, 3 days 2 nights

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