Indian Cave Oct 2015


Friday Oct 23, Ryan and I started at trail head 5, then took trail 5A through the grass fields. We had gotten a late start so only hiked about 1 1/2 miles before finding camp. Got the fire going and had clear sky, full of stars all night.

Saturday Oct 24, We didn’t get out of the hammocks till around 10am. Cooked up some bannock with the oatmeal mixed in, and some coffee. After packing up camp we were headed for my previous camp site from last month. Only 2 miles of hiking and we were there. With plenty of time left in the day we were able to gather alot of firewood and get everything batoned down. After relaxing the rest of the afternoon, supper consisted of Mac N Cheese and bannock. Another nice night under the stars. No need for rainflies.

Sunday Oct 25, I woke at 5am to tend to the fire and never went back to the hammock. Eventually Ryan woke too and joined me by the fire.  We sipped coffee till the sunrise. After breakfast we decided to hike an extra mile out of the way to enjoy the nice day. After 3 1/2 miles were out of the trees.

7 miles hiked, 3 days 2 nights

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