Indian Cave Winter Camp Jan 2016



Friday January 15th, at 7pm we started at the parking lot just north of mile marker 2, crossed the frozen creek and found the trail we wanted to meet up with. At this time in the trip there wasn’t any snow on the ground yet, but we knew the forecast called for possible blizzard weather. 1/3 of a mile hike and we ended at the same campsite location as our last trip. By 9pm we had camp set, firewood gathered and split, and had the fire going. 20°F before we crawled into our hammocks. First time using my new underquilt. Star filled night.

Saturday January 16th, the temp had fallen to 0° by morning. After getting the fire going we made breakfast using a new camp stove. We eventually decided to take a hike around the area to possibly find a better campsite for a future trip and eventually found that our current location was the best. During our hike we found a small creek for extra water if we needed it. Preparing for another cold night we cut a large amount of firewood. After a nap in the hammocks we cooked up some ramen, bannock and cheese for lunch. Later in the day after battoning the rest of the wood down we decided to start our first long fire. Mac n Cheese and bannock for supper.  We went down to the creek for water to make some hot cocoa. Around 9pm there was a light snow coming down. We decided to lower our rain flys to help hold out some wind for the night and were tucked away in the hammocks by 10pm.


Sunday January 17th, our long fire lasted till 5:30am and we ended up with 2″ of snow. Temp read -2°F with -23°F windchill. We got the fire burning big again and drank coffee and hot cocoa till sunrise. Bannock and oatmeal for breakfast. Shortly after, we started to pack up camp with lots of breaks to warm up by the fire. We eventually hiked the 1\3 mile back out to the truck by 10:30am. Not another single person around the entire trip.untitled

3 days 2nights

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