Indian Cave April 2016


Friday April 1st, we had a plan to find a new campsite for the weekend, so we entered in the trees from the parking lot north of mile marker 2 again, but after crossing the creek we headed east, then south toward mile marker 4. We eventually turned off of the trails and headed southeast in the trees. After a total of 1 1/2 miles we found a night spot right along a creek. 32°F and a star filled night.

Saturday April 2nd, we both slept in and slept great in the cool weather. Coffee, bannock and oatmeal for breakfast. We took a hike to check out the surrounding area and found 2 other good campsites for the future along the same creek. Lunch was ramen, bannock, and mozzarella. While we relaxed in the hammocks we had another hiker, Steve from Kansas City appear from the trees. He was camping on a ridge close by. Supper was Mac n Cheese and bannock. Dehydrated ice cream sandwich was for dessert. We hung out by the fire till about 10pm.


Sunday April 3rd, breakfast of bannock and oatmeal. Another talk with Steve while he was hiking his way out of the trees. After packing up camp and hiking another 1 1/2 miles we were back at the truck.


3 days 2 nights

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