Umatilla National Forest July 2016


Wednesday July 13th, we started our 1400 mile road trip at 7:30pm.

Thursday July 14th, 4:30pm central time we arrived at Bear Creek Wallow Campground after we took turns driving 21 hours straight. After finding a campsite and setting up we walked the 1/4 mile trail to see some of the views. Walking tacos for supper. Afterwards we decided to walk to the creek across the road to get our feet wet. It is now 8:30pm in Oregon but 10:30pm back home. Early night for everyone.


Friday July 15th, woke to a cold morning in the 30’s. Got the fire going and cooked up some eggs and sausage for breakfast. About 10am we started hiking north along the trail. We decided at the end of the trail we kept heading north then eventually turned east and headed up  a large hill. At the top of this hill we found a rock covered grassy field with a small batch of trees. This was the spot we chose for Dad. After having a long moment and letting some tears out, we heading back down the hill and back to camp. Lunch was pulled pork and beans. After a nap we drove down to the creek and found a spot to swim and relax. Hamburgers and homemade mac n cheese was for supper. Another hike and then smores by the fire.  Another star filled night.


Saturday July 16th, woke to another chilly morning and then headed out for a morning hike by myself. Packed up camp and back on the road by 11:30am.

Sunday, July 17th, 1400 miles later and a stop for chinese buffet we were back home by 10am.

2 days driving, 3 days 2 nights camping


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