Nebraska Deer Hunting | Rifle 2016


Saturday Nov. 12th, opening day of rifle season, I was in the stand by 5:30am. My plans had changed from previous years from sitting in a box blind I had built overlooking my ravine, to utilizing a ladder stand located farther north into my property where I had a lot of trail cam pictures of deer using this certain area as a pass through from bedding to feed. The morning started out at about 33°F and as soon as the sun started to peak, the distant sounds of gunshots only told me that the deer were moving. With multiple tags in my bag, I was set on waiting it out for some antlers. By 11:30am the temp had risen to 50°F and I had seen 7 doe before sneaking my way back out of the trees. 2:30pm and I was back in the tree. Eventually I had to small bucks and 2 doe appear, but were not what I was looking for. The sun had set and day one of Rifle season had ended.

Sunday Nov. 13th, back in stand just after 5am. Just after 7am 2 doe came up from the bottom of the ravine and walked directly under my stand, not once noticing me above them. Before my morning hunt was over I had seen 5 more doe all come within shooting distance. Excited to get back in the trees, I was in the stand at 1pm for my evening sit. The high temp eventually got to 64°F for the day and 3 more doe found there way past my stand before sunset.

Monday Nov. 14th, I had taken Monday and Tuesday off of work and told myself today would be the day I would take a doe just to get some meat in the freezer. Just before 6am I climbed up into my ladder stand once again and waited in the darkness for the sunrise. 6:30am, 46°F, still to dark to see anything clearly, I counted 6 deer silhouettes making there way straight towards me, eventually turning to the north and disappearing. As they moved through the trees I could hear what sounded like antlers scraping tree limbs as they walked by. AT 7:20am coming back from that same direction they disappeared into, I had a nice 5×7 come in for a 20 yard shot.


After checking my trail cameras,  I found this camera pic below, that was taken just seconds before I took my shot.



Quiver Write Up







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