First Deer With a Bow | 2016


After taking my 5×7 buck during the rifle season, I really wanted to get out and attempt to harvest my first deer with a bow. I was out 8 times over the next few weeks and saw over 30 deer during those hunts, all just outside of shooting range.

Sunday Dec 4th, It had finally snowed the night before and I was in the stand about 6:30am. By 7:30am coming from the North through the trees, 3 doe made there way towards me. After selecting the biggest of the group, making a quick grunt to pause the deer for a shot, I let my first arrow fly for an 18 yard shot. The arrow passed through both sides of the deer and lodged itself in the snow, just before the deer disappeared into the trees. After a short wait, I went down to investigate the arrow to judge my shot.  I decided to then give the deer a few hours before I attempted to track it. At 10am I began to follow the blood trail and after only 40 yards I found my first bow deer.



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