Nebraska Deer Hunting | Rifle 2017

Saturday November 11th, Opening day of rifle season has finally come. I was in the trees by 5:45am waiting for the sun to rise. By 7:30 I had my first buck come into range, but i was hoping for something a little bigger. After sitting for the entire day I had seen 14 deer in total. There was a good chance of rain for the evening, so i anticipated a better hunting day on Sunday.

Sunday November 12th, The rain did come in and eventually passed by 4am. I had made the decision the night before i would switch locations and hunt my stand over the food plot i had put in this last summer. This was the same area I had shot my big 12 point buck the year before. Just before 7am a large doe entered the plot from the south. In the distance I could hear buck grunts getting closer as if he was chasing this very doe. Through the trees, just before the plot i seen antlers approaching. After getting this buck in my scope and following him out into the plot, I decided I would take this deer. He stopped leaving me with a broadside shot and I pulled the trigger. After running only about 30 yards i seen him crash into the trees. He was down.

As eager as I was to get down and check out my buck, I decided I would sit a bit longer just in case another deer came in for a shot.  15 minutes later, coming from the same direction, a doe entered the plot and eventually gave me another broadside shot. This one ran farther into the trees and eventually disappeared. After packing up my gear I got out of the stand and started toward my buck. As I approached the down deer, I looked down the trail and spotted my doe that had disappeared on me.  Two deer  down within 15 minutes of each other.


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