Hammock Camping | December 2017

Saturday December 9th, Tree Rhino and I started our short hike towards the far northwest corner of my property at around 10am. We had scouted the area a few weeks before in preparation for this over night hammock hang. This location we had chosen was along the top edge of a ravine with a view of a year round spring at the bottom. After clearing the area of weeds and excess branches we were able to get our hammocks hung and camp set.

We then hiked to the bottom of the ravine to acquire enough water from the spring, which we would filter for the rest of the trip. As midday approached the temperature finally topped out at 35°F. After cooking up lunch of MRE’s we started cutting up and batoning wood down for our fire. After relaxing in the hammocks while the fire was burning we started prepping for supper. Ramen and bannock was on the menu for the evening.

By 8:30 the temperature had dropped to 25°F and we were ready to crawl into our hammocks for the night.

Sunday December 10th, the temperature had dropped to 23°F with a 17°F windchill during the night, yet we both slept great. I was woken about 6:30am by the sound of deer crunching through the fallen leaves on the other side of the ravine. After boiling up some water for coffee, we heated up our skillets on the pocket stoves for the bannock and oatmeal mix. We returned to the hammocks coffee and bannock in hand to comfortably swing and take in the morning sunrise.

After breakfast we packed up camp and started the short hike out of the trees at about 9:30am.

2 days 1 nightuntitled

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