Late Season Deer Hunting in -2° Weather

After the Nebraska rifle season was over, I was able to make it out a few times to attempt to fill my bow tag. Unable to see anything that came within bow range, bow season finally ended and late season rifle season started, which is actually the first few weeks of 2018. With a busy schedule and only a couple weekends left in the entire deer season I was able to make it out one last time.

Friday January 12th, -2°F temperature to start the morning, windchill of -21°F. As I left the house and walked towards the tree stand I could feel the ice building up on my beard. As I got closer, my only thoughts were, is it just to cold out, am I going to see anything? I started to doubt myself on this decision to even be out here. I made it to the stand at about 6:30am and got settled in to await the sunrise. Just after 7:30am I could here the faint sound of snow crunching. As the sound got closer I spotted a doe coming down the trail directly towards me. The Doe entered the food plot and stopped broadside at 20 yards. I took the shot and watched the deer take off into the trees and just seconds later heard the crash. Deer down, another tag filled.

After that encounter, I was pumped up again and decided to wait a few more hours in hopes of filling another tag while I was out here. Around 8:30am coming from the bottom of the ravine, I could see 5 deer to the south of me. They stayed in enough brush for me to never get a shot and eventually disappeared. By 9:30am I was cold enough to call it quits and go recover my doe. After a short blood trail I recovered the doe and ended my 2017 deer season.untitled

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